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tv   Inside Story  ABC  August 3, 2014 11:30am-12:01pm EDT

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>> philadelphia's plans to funds public schools go up in smoke, inside story starts right now! good morning, everyone i'm matt o'donnell. it is sunday, august 3, 2014, thanks for watching inside story, let's meet our panelist of the week. g. terry madonna from the f and m college poll. renee amoore, state official, good morning to you. >> ajay raju. jeff jubelirer, communications executive. the question will philadelphia public schools open on time in september. the state house leadership left harrisburg without voting on a bill that would allow the city to ad a two dollar tax on
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cigarettes sold in the city. the revenue would be cruised to plug the -- used to plug the school budget deficit. the house will not return until september 15. the schools open september 8. mayor nutter said it's not going to happen, because the money won't be there to be fully staffed. jeff, put yourself in the mindset of a legislator which is not from philadelphia, which most of them are not. why would you leave without voting on a bill. why would you not be in favor of a bill that would save philadelphia schools? >> because it doesn't affect them. their constituency doesn't know what's going on in the city of philadelphia or have a connection to why that cigarette tax even though it's taxes citizens in the city of philadelphia, how that impacts them and then they say, i'm generalizing. they are republicans
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representatives and others who are very upset that the legislator tur is not coming back. they think our schools have problems, what are you going to do about them, many have problems but not the burning fire that philadelphia has. >> how about the tax thing, general tax issue i'm not in favor of raising taxes. >> but look, it's easy on one level for lawmakers not in philadelphia to vote for a tax that only affects philadelphia cigarette buyers, but the problem is the disorganization and the chaos in the house republican caucus, there are republicans widely reported he were that were not going to get back from vacations in other places. one republican leader a york county republican dan taylor was upset over the hotel tax. >> which was added on by the
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senate. >> that was added on by the republican senate. there are other considerations involved in the debate in harrisburg other than the cigarette tax. i think most of the democrats would vote for it. they only need if that's the case, are 15, 20, out of 111, basically what's going on, same thing that governor corbett had when he had a deal with his situation with pensions, the house republican caucus is a mess and the leadership there is divided. ful the rank and file is not together saturday of that, they've left the governor on the pensions and cigarette tax. >> gop state official rene, are the republicans in the house are they a mess. >> that's terry word, but the bottom line there is a lot of unorganization. it's crazy, it's add to say, bus that's whapg.
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you have people who don't care about what goes on in philadelphia, but care what happens to them. they say why are we doing all these things for philadelphia, what about my area. that's the bottom line. they did leave the governor hanging the way they did what they did. people are not speaking to each other. i have to go back to terry, it is mess. >> imagine being a patient, you need a heart transplant, the doctor says you have 18 days to live. there's a heart available, but the doctors and administrators are arguing over the parking space for the doctor and he says i'll come back once that is if i finished. that's the state of the school district in philadelphia. how do you run a school district if your dr. hite? we lead the can country in child poverty in all the stats that are unbecoming for the cradle of american democracies. this is pitiful. >> there's a way out of this.
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hold on, house republican leaders are going to meet with the governor, the governor can do what he did last year which is front the money, he doesn't have to put up 45 million, only enough money to get through september 15th, when they ravine. >> band-aid. >> my sense is that is what governor corbett would do, that's the right thing to do and politically it's the right thing to do. >> why are the revenue predicters of the city so convinced that raising this tax two dollars a pack an cigarettes is going to bring the revenue that they need. the city of philadelphia has borders, there are places that sell cigarettes across city avenue and county line, why are they convinced it's going to bring in the revenue. >> there's two different estimated what the promgdz --
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projected revenue windfall will be. if they have the two dollar tax, this will not launch the school districts here, this is a band-aid remedy that gets them close to what they really need. that's how pitiful the situation is. we need to have something to start the school year. >> pennsylvania only one of few states that doesn't have a fair funding formula, this is going to be the biggest issue in the gubernatorial campaign the number one issue among pennsylvanians is education. you need a system that takes into account poverty anticipate wealth and taxes all kinds of alga rhythms that people handle that are much smart than i am. that's not going to get done, because there's going to be winners and losers. new jersey has it, pennsylvania
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needs it. >> it leads to certain school districts that would be considered wealthier to have lower property taxes for its citizens. >> bottom line if we don't do something about it, it gets worse everyday, not every year, we tend to band-aid thick, i love what you did with your analogy with hospitals, because i'm in healthcare, if you keep band-aiding, it gets worse, you have to have the governor sitting down with all the education systems they have to connect the dots, it's not just for school and education and philadelphia, lower merion will sure cyber, upper merion will survive. >> they are struggling in central pennsylvania and western pennsylvania, as well. >> let's talk built poll, a shocker from cbs and the new york times, corbett is in it and
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could win it? let's chime in here, the poll released this week found tom wolf's lead in the single digits. survey found wolf 42, corbett, 33, a 9 point difference, your poll f and m had him down 20 points. this is a new poll where people have to go online and register and they have to answer questionses and then they are compensated not necessarily money wise, i guess a lot of people are wondering is this real? >> well, most of us who typically use what we call probability samples, meaning the universe everyone has an equal chance of being called, polls are being done, now we have to include cell phones. this is an experiment, u-gov had
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good experiences in the 2012 election, obama versus romney. it's an experiment. we need to cautious while the methodology is worked out over how internet potassium -- polls are done. this poll looks like it's an outliar. they did interview four thousand pennsylvanias who completed the survey and adjust them based on on the sense outlines. it's -- census, it's the wave of the future. we're not there now, we'll wait for traditional polls to be done and take a look at the averages it's the wave of the future and experiment. >> if you look at the poll results, wolf is leading among young people minorities and hispanics, three people that don't show up on election day,
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if this is going to be a low-turnout election, regardless of what the polls say, if this is a low-turn out election, pick the winner now. if you have a good ground campaign, it's anybody's ballgame. i don't know if it is 20 to 25, people sitting on their couches talking about who i'm going to vote for is different than going up to the booth and pulling the lefer leaver. >> wolf said he would seek higher taxes, it would include higher income taxes for wealthier pennsylvanians, so he could get property taxes and seek to redistribute how the state pays for education. would this fly? >> not with a republican
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legislature. now, let's stop and say there are republicans in the house that have the same philosophy, less reliance on the property tax. some support higher sales taxes. tom wolf doesn't because it will effect lower income pennsylvanians. his definition today is 90,000, i'm not saying that's not a bad income, two income houses with children going to college, penn state, temple, f and m, that's not rich. it's going to be a tough row to hoe. >> they have to do a better job with hispanics, african americans and young folks and they to get them to the polls,
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like ajay said. corbett will win. >> he is talking about in a sense productivity, when milton shap tried a tax they chucked it out. in a family of four you could get a fax forgiveness up to 34,000. we could exempt those in higher income and raise the rates for everyone else. there will be a debate throughout the course of the campaign, because both he and tom corbett want to put money in different ways. >> is chris christie a dead man walking or be the comeback kid? asked that question in a column this week and basically supporting christie in turn as how there's no smoking
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gun in bridgegate. there also a quote from the article, more than a few republicans see chris christie something akin to bruce willis' character in the 6th sense, the lastman to realize he is no longer alive. >> chris christie is not over it yet. 7 1/2 months ago we started the bridgegate scandal, you have 17 months before the remaining caucuses start, a lot of time for forgiveness and re-evaluate and rebrand and chris christie whether a he has to do with his brash style which used to be cute and attractive, not as much, because he has been branded as a bully, he has been to be a maverick and come up with clear ideas, among republicans he is leading. 1%. >> it's a vacuum in terms of
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nobody -- listen to what a christie confident dant said, if we nominate rand paul we'll get mondale. >> in this environment with what's going on internationally, being a libertarian he is done, latest poll he was 13 next guy was rand poll. jeb bush could close the void. i'm not saying chris christie emerges. >> mitt romney. >> that's a possibility. >> that's a possibility. you just don't know. some of his folks are pushing. let's go back to chris christie. he is a major fundraiser, else the chair of the governor's association, republican governor's association, he is still the man to some people. >> none of you mentioned rick santorum. come on.
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he won the iowa caucus. >> that would be the raising lazarus. >> evangelical. your party has this history like the rotorry club of turning around and saying whose next? well, guess where mitt romeny was in '08 next. guess who was next in '08 because of '4, a guy named john mccain, who came in second, who was the last man standing. >> rick santorum. rick santorum put your name in for terry madonna. >> i'm just playing with you. >> we have to go to commercial break.
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here in york, pennsylvania we've built the largest distributor of kitchen cabinets in the nation. we've got american-made products that are beating out chinese imports. so, i know pennsylvania can be a leader in manufacturing and we can make things again. but we have to invest in education and a skilled workforce today. i'm tom wolf and i have a plan. we can do great things, but we have to think ahead. tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania.
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>> the new republic, don't send your kid to the ivy league, the nation's top colleges are turning our kids into zombies, the folks at penn and princeton would disagree, so would others as the discovery crisscrossed the internet. the article said this in part, our system of elite education manufactures young people who are smart and talented and
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driven and anxious and timid and stunned sense of purpose. trapped in a bubble of of privilege, heading meekly in the same direction, but no idea why they are doing. no ivy leaguers at this table right now. >> i did go to ivy league of north broad, temple university. we did have the same amount of pressure, as the high achievers as anyone in the ivy league. i was disappointed in the tone of the article. poorest kids have more pressure especially a certain segment. there's a large segment that doesn't have any pressure or the drive to achieve. look at the top universities
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according to the world organizations that rank them, out of the ten, only cambridge and oxford were included. all the others was myth, cal tech, the flight to quality will be real. >> let's be real in the sense that this pressure starts long before you get to the ivy league school. living in the suburbs of philadelphia, loved living there, great public school district, i see it everyday with two young children, enrichment classes, classes to get ahead in math and english be great at music and sports, it starts there with the children. that's where the problems are. i want to are a school, my sister went to penn and i want to penn state, i'm darn proud of it. so many kids go to the ivy league school we were talking before the show, we're not paying the full sticker price. >> that part of the bit i
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debris with, we need to have some pressure release vow for the kids. but we can't have a t-ball generation either where everybody got a chance to hit the ball. >> i agree. >> one of the critics of the article did research, newsweek, 46 of the 91 staffers hold degrees from an ivy league institution and in addition the author attended columbia, and taught at yale. >> that's why he has issues are. >> i have offices from 9 to 5 and because his child didn't get, we're more than happy to see them. i have a 30-year-old, she is what i am going to do, what's going to happen. i mean everybody has pressure, it's the away society, the world is. we have to learn how to talk to folks and relieve that pressure to take away the stress.
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>> do you see this at f and m. >> i'm the only college professor here. number one the motivation among young folks is incredible, particularly at the elite schools. what we need in this universe of higher education, a diversity of places for young people to go to that facilities their educational backgrounds and personalities and lifestyles. we have to be careful about the personal pigeon hole. i'm a graduate of public college, i meant to the university of delaware, blue hen! >> everyone of these colleges have a community college play an important role. you have to be careful about that, so you don't go to harvard or yale, you can be extraordinarily successful. there's a point and i find in the students very motivated single minded focus, the very
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thing that jeff is talking about, i do thing we have to be a little careful to make sure that before he is you are gets relieved, so make sure we're not intensifying the pressure to the extent where we're creating psychologic problems and other sorts of social effects. >> i'm dealing with kids with these problems. it's important to communicate. the parents have to be communicate, the teachers have to communicate. it's a struggle supporting anybody. >> the phillies like the state legislature didn't do anything. howard is still there, hamles, jeff is reuben amaro junior's line on the job maybe the people above him, as well. >> probably another year before, there's a woman money anyway davis -- monee davis, the league in the little league world championship. there's the phillie team we should be talking about.
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nobody wants the phillies high salaried contract. >> how far are we away from being competitive again? >> the phillies have the money, so they can buy the players. >> we've got to go, we got to figure out out some other
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>> inside stories of the week, start with terry. walking in the ornate state cam capitol hallways looking at the portraits of former leaders, there they are, former philadelphians, there are plates describing their convictions, imagine looking at the portrait of a leader there for everyone to look at their convictions for various charges of public corruption. >> thank you, terry. mine is about governor
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corbett he'll be in pittsburgh doing a summit talking about jobs and education. www jobs mine is about the future, road map for growth. chamber of commerce launched a road map for growth two days ago. it's a five year look at the blueprint of what philadelphia could be looking forward, they will do so first listening to constituency having town hall meetings and coming together with the blueprint. >> ticket me elmo, a lot of us go to new york, have anybody been approached by elmo or cookie monster, mayor of new
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york city is going to try to enact ordinances to license they say fuzzy characters so they will not be so unticklish. >> i used to dress up as batman is a kid. inside story that's it, we'll see you next time, see you monday morning! i'm nydia han. >> coming up next on "action news,s" police in upper darby investigate a woman's death it may be a case of murder. calls for end to violence on the street in the wake of a little girl's death. >> .
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>> good afternoon, it is sunday, august 3, i'm nydia han along with eva pilgrim.


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